About Me

This is partially a self-description and partially an essay-index of the important areas of my blog.

I am many things, but first and foremost, I am a transhumanist. In particular, I’ve made it my life’s work to contribute as much as possible to the end of natural aging. There are many other important problems facing humankind right now, and I dearly hope that other people continue to work on them, but alas, I can only devote my life completely to one thing, so I’ve chosen what I deem to be the most important and urgent problem of the modern day.

The particular way in which I’ve decided to fix this problem is to become a multibillionaire and fund immortality research. The most effective way of becoming a multibillionaire, according to past trends and my current assessments, is to start a series of successful technology startups. This is my intended plan. As a result, I’m working on picking up a variety of relevant skills, such as sales, marketing, finance, economics, and most importantly and presently, programming. Find my coding related posts here and my GitHub here.

As a tangential means to the end of improving the human condition, I am also a rationalist, by something that closely approximates Eliezer Yudkowsky’s definition. I would write more about this here, but I think all the best stuff has already been written: to see a decent portion of it, I direct you to LessWrong.

I am also a 4-year-college opt-out. For most of my life, I had planned to go to a top-tier college, and only recently did I realize this was not the best path for me, as a human or even as a smart human, and especially as a smart human trying to change the world. College in general is becoming a worse and worse path for more and more people, and very soon will be a complete waste of time and space. I am a very open advocate of college alternatives and of opting out of college. For more on my opinions about college, check out these posts:
Why College Should Not Be Free
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I was homeschooled – or more properly, unschooled. This means I was left to my own devices to learn as I wished and choose my own life path, as independently of the American public school system as the law allowed. I am an ardent advocate of homeschooling and unschooling, though the way I was homeschooled wouldn’t work for many families. I would like to implement a more scaleable solution to support young people whose parents aren’t able or willing to homeschool them.

I currently work at a marketing firm and live in San Francisco. For the first six weeks, I did weekly updates; after that, I have another post at the 3-month mark and I will have another at the 6-month mark. Here are some of my posts related to this:
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How to Write an Article for a Client’s Blog
5 Tips for Living on a Budget in San Francisco

Lastly, this blog is full of other thoughts, projects, and meanderings. I have dabbled in many things and entertained many fancies in my time, including but not limited to learning a bit of Japanese, writing novels, creating art, writing about art, writing about writing, baking, reading, playing with algorithms, playing with data science and ML, psychology, philosophy, and – my favorite thing – writing about myself.

Thank you for coming to this publicly-accessible long-form verbal description of my existence: I hope you enjoy your stay.